Nate Dizzy

Nate Dizzy

Nate Dizzy is a rapper, but an artist better describes him.Nate is an entrepreneur, but a world-changer better describes him. He will take you to some dark places with his art, but Nate prefers to think of the journey as illuminating. Nate dizZy is an artist out of Knoxville, TN. He has been in the game over ten years and considers himself to just now be getting started. DizZy’s influences include Bone Thugs n Harmony, Trip Lee, Drake, and Ace Hood. Over the past two years he has had the opportunity to share his art while traveling to places such as Philly, New York City, Canada, Boston, D.C., Los Angeles, Portland, and Seattle. In 2013 Nate started the Illuminated Minds record label and has released the AfterMath mixtape as his first project under the label. There are 4 music videos for AfterMath. Each video shows a unique facet of dizZy’s personality. His next project Dream Catcher is set to release in early 2014. Nate continues to grow as an artist and that is seen in his delivery and content. DizZy challenges his listeners to grow with him as he continues the journey of illumination.

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