Nightime – is a Lyrical Monster using Hard hitting punchlines as a skilled boxer would jabs and hooks. Born in Harlem New York but Spent many of years in Co-op City section 5 Known As 5th City . Nightime uses his life experiences and word play to paint vivid pictures to help fans relate. He Has been on The underground Circuit since 2000. Starting on the Ruff Ryders Street team he began making his own mixtapes in his Senior year of High School. Since then He has Participated in Numerous performance events like Mtv’s Battle for New York,The Source Presents Ghetto Metal, Fight Club,CMJ2009,(CollegeMusicJournal) and various showcase & open mic events in the New York Area. Also Opening For Artists M.O.P,Styles P,Saigon,Lord Tariq,Faboulous,Comedian Micheal Blackson, Comedian Smokey, to name a few. He has also Created Multiple showcases & Party Events Through out NYC,NJ,PA & VT ,With the ever Popular Foundation Limelight Showcase Leading the way ! He has proved himself to be one of New Yorks Premier event Hosts ! Receiving write ups on,, InnaTV & Features On a few Dvd Magazines. Nightime has released 3 Mixtapes to date & has just Finished his Debut Album “Lights Out”. One of his Singles The Winner Iss” was Featured on a Compilation Cd in California Called the N.I.N.E ,( released in Summer of 2010). His Second Single “How i Get Down” is Currently on MTV’s Website Brand New for 2012 HERE!

Nightime is Currently On The “Lights Out Tour” Promoting his Debut Album “Lights Out” set to Drop Dec 20,2011. Which has the hit Singles “The Winner Iss” & “How I Get Down Available Now on iTunes

Nightime is Currently working on a New Mixtape & Group Album with fellow members of MI-6 (Music Innovators), Nominated For Best Rap Group in The 2011 UMA Awards (Underground Music Awards) They Prepare to Release Their First Single “The Wave” Many feel he is a Breath of fresh air to the Hip hop game and that he’s got something to say I HOPE YOUR READY

Listen to Nightime LIVE with The Byrdman on the very first Fresh Friday show. HERE!

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