P. Hypha

P. Hypha

P-Hypha an African Music Artist

“Global Music Ambassador for Music Unites Africa, P-Hypha is a Nigerian born singer/song-writer whose music encapsulates a resonance of uniqueness, culture and spirituality. P-Hypha‘s style of music is captivating and inspiring to say the least about this P-HyphaAfrican Music Artist. He has a growing fan base of over 6000 Africans, Europeans and North Americans. And with his recent showing on America’s hottest up and coming station Realtalk 101 Radio’s Fresh Friday show. The show was broadcast LIVE from two continents, something that has rarely happened between and African music artist and an american radio station. He is a gifted song writer and an incredible talent the world is yearning to discover. For decades, Africa has been in search of a Revolutionist, someone able to handle the mantle of change in an Era of cultural transfiguration and enlightenment. Africa’s found Him! P-Hypha might yet be an upcoming independent artiste from West-Africa but this sensational lyricist is destined to take Africa into a whole new world of greatness via his music and philanthropy. As an Ambassador for MUSIC UNITES AFRICA, Hypha is centered on tackling issues that cut across the beloved continent of Africa; issues that range from HIV/AIDS awareness programs, Malaria and Cancer outreach, Human Rights Support and front-runner on the PEACE ONE DAY campaign in Nigeria. He is also heavily involved in Humanitarian obligations in Africa and in his country, Nigeria.”

P-Hypha; NOT just just an African Music Artist…..

This guy is a man of integrity. He does not just make music to sell himself. P-Hypha’s artistry is a means to bridging gaps between many world’s. He creates networking funnels with African music artist, munitions from the UK to the United States. His selfless approach toward connections through music gains him the trust and respect of all those who he does business with.. Be prepared to catch this guys on a global scale P-Hypha, and African music artist and a Global music ambassador

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