The STNDRD Pharoh & SUBMiT

The STNDRD Pharoh & SUBMiT


Three ingenious minds collide to create
this unique piece of musical composition:
SUBMiT, Pharoh, and Heval Kelli.
They are equipped with the weapon of originality,
and their battlefield is Hip Hop.
The trio’s ultimate goal is to conquer the industry with
a sound revolution that attracts the masses.
An energy that defines the limitless boundaries of music
with a touch of diversity.
It simply raises the bar for artistic flow
and production while maintaining
the highest quality of sound possible.
Each member of the trio is individually powerful,
but together they are


Pharoh is a musical artist whose work comprises of western Hip- Hop sounds merged with exotic eastern rhythms. His music takes you on a global journey by incorporating African conga drums, Arabic tarab strings, and southern 808 basslines in his production. Pharoh projects an aura of unity that bridges the gap between these cultures, creating a truly distinctive union of music.


I’m an artist. I’m a musician. I’m Kelechi Emeonye. I’m SUBMiT. I’m through with third-person bios. I’ve been a poet since 2003. I wrote overly dramatic sappy poems about the hard knock life of a 7th grader in suburban Marietta, Georgia. This music thing found me in 2005. I recorded my first song and fell victim to the allure of being a musician when I was 15. Hip Hop and I have had a dysfunctional, off and on relationship since then.

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