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Realtalk 101 Radio strives to bring its listener’s the best in entertainment. Each show is planned and scripted to make sure not only the guests feel at home, but the listener’s will relate to the artist. Before you submitting your press-kit/epk ensure you have all necessary information, your Bio, your cover photo, and your promotional photo’s. Include all links, and website if any. Enter your information in the contact form below and someone will contact you shortly via email requesting your press information. Entrepreneurs, community people and authors click here for more information on interview request. Interviews are later available on our Youtube channel and interview audio can be heard via our 24 hour broadcast.
TIP: Besides being a sales pitch for booking agents and A&R reps, a press kit also needs to contain enough factual information about the artist/ band/ group to be able to base an article or review on:


Biography: Although a bio is just that, a Biography of the group (or artist), it is still a place to get creative. An interesting back story, if you have one, is a very marketable thing. All the same though, make it short and sweet no one wants to read 5 pages of your musical history. If you have nothing special to say, get the bio over as quickly as possible. Read more…

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