Fresh Friday Show

Friday’s 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Host: The Byrdman , Lady Incredible 

The Fresh_Friday Cover 2014
The Byrdman is a host who brings you the best in aspiring indie artist and major indie artist. With hist mentor like approach as well as the ability to make any artist burst out in laughter, every interview is one to remember.  Lady Incredible  brings a woman’s prospective to the show. She meets the guest from angles the fellas won’t approach. All together these two form a team unlike any other. The Fresh Friday show has a mission to promoting and featuring major independent artist around the world while helping in any way by using our platform to give each artist as much exposure possble. Each artist interviewed on the Fresh Friday show is left with a lasting experience with a bit of knowledge needed to thrive in the industry. The goal of the Fresh Friday show is to add to your brand as an artist. All interviews are recorded to ensure your fans can go back and hear anything they may have missed as well as video taped and uploaded to our Realtalk 101 Radio YouTube channel. Interested in interviews on the Fresh Friday show. Contact us today.

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