Meet “The Byrdman” – C.E.O., Producer, Host

Born and raised in the city of Los Angeles, Prentice Byrd “The Byrdman” is an only child of a single hard-working mother. She didn’t just offer him advice, but respectfully led by example, working two jobs so that Byrd could have a better life and continue as a scholar athlete.  From the very beginning his mother laid a solid foundation for success pushing him to be the best at anything he pursued.

Although Byrd clearly possessed extraordinary athletic ability, it didn’t deter him from his deep-rooted love of music.  Since the age of thirteen he’s also been a notable singer, songwriter and producer.

While working for California’s Edison Power Company for almost a decade, Byrd simultaneously enhanced his own skills by becoming a master of graphic arts, video editing, video production, web design, S.E.O., writing and mastering music.

With no formal training in the field of communication, Byrd has never taken “no” for an answer and each obstacle in life has led him to this stage.  The results have almost been a “Cinderella” story.

Byrd finally followed his heart and birthed the vision of hosting his own radio show, establishing Los Angeles based Realtalk 101 Radio in 2013.

Today, known to many simply as, The Byrdman, he’s “The C.E.O.” of one of the fastest growing internet radio shows in the industry.

Realtalk 101 Radio was created with the intent of reinforcing the authenticity of old-skool music while introducing new music (of various genres) to a younger generation.

With the launch of a second show entitled “The Sitdown”, the world saw a raw and uncut side of Byrd epitomizing the term “Realtalk”.

Realtalk 101 Radio has rapidly generated a buzz spanning across the globe, earning respect from some of the most talented independent artists, The Byrdman’s most notable interviews include; = Rodney Perry (Comedian, Who’s Got Jokes), = Sahpreem King, = Leon Thomas (Victorius, Songwriter for Ariana Grande, ReVaughn), = Taranasha Wallace (Love & Hip Hop NY), = Antonique Smith (Movie Notorius), = Profyle, = The Rangers, = Recording Artist Case,  and = Chauncey Black (Blackstreet), = Dae One ( Producer), = Lex Lu (Artist), = former Doggy Style Records artist LaToiya Williams, = Santana Dempsey (Actress), just to name a few. Spanning across all 7 continents, Realtalk 101 Radio is relatable to all ages on every level, delivering a sense of genuineness and “REAL” that Byrd feels has been lost in today’s entertainment industry. The Byrdman’s direct approach towards life’s’ issues teaches and inspires, leaving listeners with a feeling of fulfillment after every show. Byrdman is a loving father and family man whose work ethic ensures the stability of his children. His achievements and philanthropy in the community will surely guarantee a BET Honors in the near future for The Byrdman and Realtalk 101 Radio.

This is just the beginning.


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Tune in and become apart of his journey.