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The Rangers

Indie Hip Hop Group Live In Studio April 25th

The Rangers On Fresh Friday April 25th.

The RangersFrom local dance crew to global phenomenon, the swift and storied rise of LA-based hip hop group, The Rangers, reads like a modern day Knute Rockne tale with YouTube playing the role of the proverbial “bootstraps” by which Julian, Day Day, and Langston would pull themselves up. Originally formed as a dance group known as the Go Go Power Rangers the boys would gather together after school to film themselves dancing in a new style of movement called “Jerking”. Their self-filmed and edited dance clips quickly became viral on sites like YouTube and MySpace, and as the Jerkin’ sensation grew in popularity so did The Rangers – creating videos that would attract millions of viewers from around the globe. The music industry took notice of The Rangers and agents lined up to cast them as featured dancers in videos alongside some of the biggest names in the industry including Justin Bieber, Snoop Dogg, and Sean Kingston.
Having a vision for themselves that dance alone could not contain, their attention turned to music. Instead of using other artist’s material as the soundtrack to their videos they began creating and using their own. They found that
their exponentially growing dance fan base was just as receptive to The Rangers as music artists and a new career path was formed. Their independent release “Jerkin’ is a Habit, Vol. 01” claimed a spot among the top 20 album downloads in iTunes’ Hip Hop/Rap category during it’s first week in release and is still considered a classic among Jerk enthusiasts. Eventually they would catch the eye of multi-talented superstar Nick Cannon who signed The Rangers to his company, Ncredible Entertainment.

These young cats are adding to the new westcoast take over. With diversity and creativity The Rangers have already put together a number of club bangers that will keep a drink in your hand and your butt on the dance floor. Check out one of their featured singles below.

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