Indie Artist

50 Told Me

Local Los Angeles Indie Talent Logan Releases “50 Told Me”

Talented Independent Artist Logan

Has Done It Once Again With A New

Single Release Titled “50 Told Me”

Those of you who are truly fans of independent music may already be familiar with Logan. You may have seen his interveiw on the Fresh Friday show. Maybe from one of our previous music reviews. However you have heard him I’m sure you will probably by-pass these words and hit play below. If you are hearing this young Los Angeles artist for the first time you are in for a treat. Logan gets better with each single. “50 Told Me” paints the portrait detailing his mental.

“…but now I’m off of these labels offering that bullsh** I’d rather make it with my own hand…”

Logan is not ready to jump head first into a deal if it is not beneficial. For more information on Logan visit Rate and check out the track below.

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