MrPitts, a multi-functional machine from Panama City, FL., raised in the heart of southern culture, is influenced by all shapes and forms of music. MrPitts has been around and involved in music the last 15 years and in its own form is a uniqueness of his thoughts, emotions and life reflected into a form of rhythmic melodies for others to experience and hear through expression in sound and words. MrPitts’ passion for music provides him the flexibility to create and produce his preferred sound and other genres of music from Hip Hop, R&B, Neo Soul, to Country. There is no challenge too great. His military background has provided him an opportunity to view and experience life at its highest and lowest peaks and for that experience he grateful to be capable to continue the ambition. Enjoy!!!

“The name of my album is called Skylines to be metaphorical, the horizon is never the same so it is the same as I”