Surviving The Game:

How To Succeed In The Music Business

Sahpreem KingSahpreem Aaron King is a Native American, author, rapper, producer, writer, music-consultant, educator, film director, and public speaker. He resides in South Florida, which is the home base for his businesses, SRDM-InaSol Music, Music Business Guru Academy™, and Wealth of Thought Digital Press. He contributed as writer and producer to the multi-platinum albums “It’s About Time” (SWV Album), “Shhh” (A.B. Quintanilla Y Los Kumbia Kings), and Latin Mix USA 2 (Sony). In addition, he has worked with artists, Wyclef Jean, Beenie Man, and Eric Benét, as well as Latin artists, Ivy Queen, Adassa, and DJ Laz. King has been a panelist, keynote speaker, clinician, and consultant for music industry conventions and conferences such as, the SXSW, Winter Music Conference, DJ Times Convention, How Can I Be Down, Atlantis Music Conference, Midem Music Conference, Power 96/DJ Laz Music Conference, Hip Hop Summit Action Network, and Ultra Music Festival.




In this book, Sahpreem takes music business newcomers by the hand and teaches them how to succeed in the music business the do-it-yourself way. In addition, Sahpreem talks about music publishing, marketing and promotion, starting an online record label, the power of social media, and making money from your music without being signed to a record deal. Music is a business. That’s what this book is all about.

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