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The Game May Be The Victim This Time

The GameYesterday we told you guys that Priscilla Rainey, a participant on The Game‘s new reality dating show, “She Got Game” , is attempting to sue for sexual assault claiming that during filming The Game reached into her skirt to fondle her bare vagina and buttocks. She’s asking for $10 Million.
Since then we’ve found out she has a history similar to women known for making up stories like this. She has made her page private but not before getting ripped apart on social media. “Slut Walk” creator Amber Rose has come to her defense. Saying that she Rainey was probably afraid to come forward because of this type of back lash. Apparently she’s been arrested at least a half dozen times for a list arrests including petty theft, battery with a deadly weapon, criminal mischief and more. Ironically Rainey continued to film the reality show even after this alleged sexual assault took place.

Now we’re not saying Priscilla Rainey is a liar but a spade is a spade. The Game May be the victim this time.

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