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Writing A Proper Artist Bio Writing 101

There Is A Specific Format Needed In Order To Produce A Proper Artist Bio

Whenever a person writes their artist bio, you’re not writing an autobiography. You are creating a music business written document. Therefore your bio is then ready FOR the labels and radio station associates you need to make an impression on, do business with, in order to create lasting relationships with. Prior to writing your artist bio, remember to consider your artist history, accomplishments, goals, and goals as an artist/performer.

These executives and radio stations in the industry are very busy people, whom may perhaps meet a large number of “wanna-be’s” weekly, therefore build your biography to be truthful, positive, as well as loaded with valuable commentary, representations, quotes, plus inspirational lingo which will ensure that they want consider spinning or listening to your tracks. Once your bio is complete then you are ready to create a proper press kit. Realtalk 101 Radio is more than a radio station. We also promote artist development. We will create proper bio and traditional press kit or EPK (Electronic Press Kit).

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