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Math Allen

Young Math Allen Has Another Hit “Hit Or Nah”

Math Allen The New Kid Up And Coming Out Of Southern California Drops Another Hit Single “Hit Or Nah”

If you are a Realtalk 101 Radio supporter you should remember this young man. Math Allen, one of our past Fresh Friday guest was one of those artist I found while searching audio websites for indie talent. Immediately I was drawn to this youngster. Math Allen is the prototype R&B artist of today’s industry. He can entertain his audience, multifaceted in the studio from writing to producing with the voice to match the look, Math is nowhere near scratching the surface yet. With a delivery which seems effortless each record is a banger. He will be a star. Check out the new single below. A spin-off from his dope single ‘Tease‘ which you can also hear here, I think this one will be heard every where and spun by all the DJ’s. Check it out and follow this young guy. @realmathallen

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