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Zendaya Previews New Track From Upcoming Album

Zendaya Releases Snippet of Upcoming Album

zendayaZendaya is doing it big for her second album!

The Disney Channel star went on Instagram and gave fans a sneak peek of one of her tracks from her second album.

Z x Timb This second album…it’s lit. @timbaland @talayriley @beanzbeanzbeanz @charliewalk

A video posted by Zendaya (@zendaya) on

And the best part? Timbaland is helping her with her second album!

The Dancing With The Stars alum also says that she is working with Diane Warren and Babyface. She told  MTV News

“I would say it’s the new wave of R&B. It’s where I think it should be going, or it should be headed; it’s very old-school vibe, but it’s a new-age version.”

Zendaya then talked about what to expect from her second album in contrast with her last.

“My first album I was only 15, 16, so I was talking about stuff, but I didn’t really experience it. Even though it’s only been a couple of years, you experience a lot—especially being a young adult, being 18, I have a little more behind what I’m saying.”

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